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OneVoiceHome was founded by several women in our community from different professions, different churches, and different places in life, but regardless of our differences, we all had a heart to be a voice for these children. Throughout history wrongs are made right when One Voice is willing to stand up and speak out, to unite with other voices and make a difference. We truly believe that the mission of OneVoiceHome is not just the mission of our founding board members, but it is the mission of this entire community. We are not all called to do the same thing in this fight against the sexual exploitation of children, but we are all called to do something!

With millions of people in bondage worldwide, it is so easy to lose sight of the children that need our help, that need freedom, that need rescuing in our community. These are OUR girls, OUR daughters, OUR sisters! If we don't speak for them, if we don't care for them, if we don't pull them out of slavery, who will? The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil in this world is for good men and women to do nothing to stop it.

Every child in our community deserves the chance to experience the love, support, and opportunities we sometimes take for granted. As people who have experienced such things in excess, we must give back.

Our hope is that as more people know about human trafficking in our community, more people respond as one voice against it. We hope that one day our community will become a nationwide example for eliminating the buying and selling of human beings and for being a safe refuge for survivors and overcomers of human trafficking.